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10 good resolutions for 2020

Published on 05 / 01 / 2020

Each new year, its lot of good resolutions. But as usual, good resolutions are often wishful thinking. The reason? We set ourselves unattainable goals. So for the results to live up to your wishes, here are some simple resolutions to make now!

1. Walk more

It's often resolution number one, get on or get back to the sport. It often ends with a gym membership that you don't use for a month and then... So if we were already aiming to walk more. We forget the escalators and elevators, we go to work on foot or we keep a few moments in the week for beautiful walks in nature. 30 minutes of daily walking, we're capable!

2. Eat slowly

After the holidays and the excesses, come the "I go on a diet" often. Let's start by taking the time and eating more slowly. First of all because eating slowly is the assurance of not eating too much, but also because it takes about 20 minutes for our brain to receive the signal that we are full. As you will have understood, your meals should last at least 20 minutes. Learn to chew more slowly and you will see that you will simply eat less.

3. Be flex

Don't be too yourself and set goals. Make yourself feel guilty and give yourself moments of "weakness," they will allow you to bounce back better afterwards.

4. Relax

Many people tend to eat more when they are stressed. The same goes for cigarettes. So let's get off to a good start this year and think about relaxing. Adopt positive attitude, meditation or yoga and relax!

5. Get enough sleep

The quality of sleep has a huge impact on our lives. A good sleep helps to keep fit, but also helps us to stay positive. A person who encounters insomnia or sleep disturbances will be more irritable because they are less well rested, and due to lack of sleep, this can lead to greater health problems: mood disorders, depression, anxiety, etc. Put all the odds on your side, restful environment, essential oils, light meals in the evening, regular hours and no screen before bedtime.

6. Escape

We all dream of a holiday but we don't always have the budget. Prefer shorter stays, maybe less far, even just a few kilometers from home you can change air. Sometimes it only takes a few days to let go. And why not take advantage of a Weekend to play tourists in your own city.

7. Uninstall apps from your smartphone

Some will say that it must be completely disposed of, but in 2020 how to envisage it. It serves as a diary, a wake-up call and allows us to communicate with our loved ones. But it's clear that you have to reduce the time you spend on your phone. Especially in the evening, we know that it does not promote a good sleep. Most phones can now tell you which app you spend most of your time on. So uninstall them or if you really can't do without them, set a timer. The app will then alert you with an alert when you've exceeded the maximum time allowed.

8. Manage your money

Again, don't set an amount you'd like to save by the end of the year, because you may feel guilty if you can't, and money may become a source of unnecessary stress; you say that every dollar saved is already taken.  Because saving is not only about putting money aside, but it's also about avoiding unnecessary expenses and compulsive purchases.

9. Stretching towards zero waste

The year 2019 was marked by many actions in favour of the environment. Events that may have made you realize that it was also time for you to reduce your carbon footprint. Start the year with a few simple gestures: shop in bulk, replace plastic cups with gourds, take public transport...

10. Dare

This is the necessary resolution! To have no more regrets when the year ends, don't wait for things to come to you, provoke them. So dare to assert yourself, take risks, express your emotions, realize your projects, go to the other side of the world, change jobs, meet new people, etc.