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Back to School survival guide

Published on 05 / 09 / 2018

Oh, back to school!

I do not know about you, but for me, the first day of class is a bit like the New year's ; it's a time of renewal and great resolutions.

We aim at better organization, more preparation. Well all tell ourselves that maybe, this year, we won't get overwhelmed by the moutain of lunches, the pile of homework, the myriad of appointments and of course the array of para-scholar activties.

If we want to suceed, we need to rethink a couple strategic spots in the house.

First of, The Kitchen, because, like it or not, school does rhyme with lunches... and a lot of them ! 

To make sure not to crumble under all that yummy food precariously stored in your fridge and pantry, think of organizing all of it in labeled baskets; you'll see what you have and what you need only with a quick look. Storing all your containers, bottles and lunchbags in the same spot will save you time keeping it tidy; So long containers missing a lid ! 

Of course, planning everything the night before will save you stress and precious time. 

The Lobby , is the space in the house we wish would strech a little for all the stuff that needs to be there. Think of only leaving seasonal items in the closet and store the rest somewhere else; you don't want stuff you don't need getting in your way on a busy morning. Vaccum bags work wonders to save up space. 

Your space has to be functionnal for both busy parents and active kids. 

A space for schoolbags, shoes and coats logically comes to mind and we all know that storage stools and benches get really messy real quick. A basket or a shelf for every member of your household could save time for the morning rush AND the evening cleanup. Same goes for closet pouches. 

Add a large mirror to the mix, your room with look brighter and bigger; keeps it refined like you like it ! 

The homework corner, let's be real, you can't get away from it ! 

A well organised spot means everything is at hands reach.  Figure out functional lighting and storage, cute and comfortable. 

To get your little geniuses to their full potential, their study space has to be inviting, inspiring and motivational. 

Of course, you might not have a room to spare and study time might end up around the kitchen table.  If like the majority of parents, this is your case, keep a little organized and easy access space in your dinning room for all your kid's homework needs. 

Frankly, we all know this time of year is stressful and requires more organisation than ever. 

Remember, you are not alone ! Never hesitate to implicate the whole family in the process by showing them the weekly routine and keep them updated on the upcoming activities; it's essential ! 

Organise, get help then relax and enjoy !