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Bamboo a real ecological solution ?

Published on 17 / 09 / 2018

There are more and more products made from bamboo. From textiles, to paper and cooking, it is everywhere and boasts its many ecological properties. A craze that, as often, hides abuse from our industrial friends.

There are 1,300 species of bamboo. In itself, this woody plant is THE environmental choice. It absorb up to 30% more CO² than other trees and therefore releases 30% more oxygen than them.

In addition, the root system of the plant has the advantage of limiting soil erosion and its narrow leaves allow more rain to pass through it  than large leaved trees, thus providing twice as much soil hydration as in deciduous forests.

Particularly resistant, bamboo stands out for its rapid growth. There is no need for fertilizers and other phytosanitary products to grow.

But the massive production of this plant leads to the deforestation of other species to arrive at gigantic plantations, particularly in Asia. In these forests, it is the young shoots that are most often used for their fibers.

We must therefore be wary of abuses and excesses. As for everything we must remain vigilant. The problem comes mainly from its use for textiles, because its transformation requires many chemicals. So as not to be mistaken, it is necessary to ensure the origin of bamboo.

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