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Published on 04 / 08 / 2018

Alert to all unicorns! For years, this fictitious animal was considered to be indestructible. But the unicorn seems to have a contestant,  an animal all that is most real: the Lama.

Then would the unicorn be in danger? Present absolutely everywhere, she has been the inspiration of many artistic creators. Star of social networks, on Instagram in particular, with many hashtags that pay tribute to this horned pony.
In the eyes of all, the unicorn is considered an icon, for children as for adults. but now a South American spitting camelid could take his place.

Yet the lama is not particularly sexy, but he is fascinating. Here we meet more and more often. It has even become a must. While he does not have the magic side of unicorns, the lama seduces with his inimitable head. Formerly simply considered a simple animal whose wool is used to make clothes, it has won the hearts of hipsters and other fashion enthusiasts. Their soft side and their tender eyes make you want to cuddle them.

But we are not going to give up our magic unicorns, we just asked them to make a little room for our funny Lamas!