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One gesture at a time

Published on 06 / 01 / 2019

Here we are in 2019 and, even more so this year, it's time for big resolutions. It seems like the world around us is really changing and people have realized that we need to change our behavior.

We all want to improve, especially by reducing the waste we produce, especially plastic waste that is harmful to the environment.

But sometimes we do not really know where to start. So here is a list, or a list top, of some easy-to-eliminate stuff that will not only be good for the planet but also for your wallet.

- Plastic water bottles are so easy to replace with reusable bottles. At home, install a filter and use tap water directly. No more bottles to buy or carry and so much less waste!

- paper towels a rag that can be cleaned and reused. To discover too, kliins. With Kliin, we wipe, clean, wash and start over again and again. Even after rendering a multitude of services, put it in compost and it will feed your plants, your lawn, your garden, your family.

- The most difficult plastic bags at the beginning is to think of always carrying your own bags or containers but it is a habit to take. We are pleased to see that more and more of our customers are now thinking about it. We always offer bags in repair, but we never give them systematically And we intend to abandon them completely as soon as possible.

- Make-up wipes and cottons made like us and replace them with reusable cloth wipes. They remove all types of makeup, including water-repellent mascara, without the use of damaging chemicals or synthetic makeup removers. Only with lukewarm water, it will eliminate even the most stubborn makeup and will give you a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, without creating any waste!

- Snack bags replace disposable bags with reusable bags. We chose Omaiki bags, made in Quebec with Canadian fabrics. They exist in 4 formats and in addition they are beautiful!

- Plastic straws have already been mentioned and there are many alternatives. We even now have a foldable model, to always have your straw on hand.

- Household products always leave traces on your windows and mirrors? Just use white vinegar and water, you'll see, it's impressive. You'll easily find other recipes to replace the expensive and expensive chemicals that fill your closets, and your house or condo will never have been so clean!

- Pre-cut fruits and vegetables will not really take you much time and you'll save money

- Circulars are all available online. Remember to affix an anti-circular sticker on your mailbox.
- Softener sheets replace them with wool balls that will effectively fight static electricity, reduce drying time without harming nature and reducing your electricity bill.

- Soaps still there we are lucky to have excellent Quebec products that will advantageously replace liquid products in plastic containers. Try the soaps of La Savonnerie des Diligences, you will be conquered. There is even a sunscreen and now a cake dish.

This is just the beginning of the list, and I am sure that you already have lots of ideas on your side to continue it. Together, one step at a time, we will move things forward.