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Plants in wooden cubes

Published on 23 / 05 / 2018

This is the perfect gift for those who want to garden but do not necessarily have a green thumb!

It's spring and you want green, it can not hurt and even make the house more pleasant.

The Ecocubes offer you a wide selection of aromatic and exotic plants. There is something for every taste. Stylish and practical, you will find your happiness, a little mint or why not aloe vera?

These small wooden cubes filled with special soil and seeds bring life to the plant of your choice. Simply remove the sticker from the closure of the cube, sprinkle with water and put in a bright place. After a few days the Ecocube will bring out the shoot of the plant you have chosen.

When the plant gets too big, it's very simple, you can put the Ecocube in a pot of earth that will compost and become a fertilizer for your other plants. It's ecological and so well thought out.It only remains for you to make your choice, good gardening!