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The day of the marmot

Published on 03 / 02 / 2019

February 2 is the day of the groundhog! According to tradition, the early arrival or not of spring would depend on the behavior of these charming rodents at the exit of their lair.

In the United States we watch the famous Phil, who would be born in the 19th century and hold his longevity of a magic elixir. In Canada, it's rainy weather in Gaspésie, Willie in Ontario and Sam in Nova Scotia.

They all have a set alarm clock since they all come out of their sleep on February 2 and point their nose outside in search of their shadow.

If they do not see their shadow, they stay out, because they believe that the worst of winter has passed and that warm weather is approaching. If they see their shadow, they will be so frightened that they will quickly return to their hole to sleep another six weeks ...

So what's the verdict in 2019? 2 out of 4 have predicted an early spring, so we will make a good hot chocolate and cross our fingers!