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Washable diapers, really?

Published on 21 / 04 / 2019

When we talk about washable diapers, the first reaction is often "Yuck!"

And why this backtracking? One imagines the women of the past true slaves of the laundry, finally liberated on the one hand from their heavy task by a brilliant invention, the disposable diaper!

But is it really a step back and especially is it really an invention as great as that ...

Today, if we think about it a little, we quickly realize that the washable diaper is not only an essential ecological choice but also economic. It's also a much better option for the health of our toddlers.

You will be surprised to learn that it is about 6500 disposable diapers that you will use until the cleanliness of your child, 67 kg of oil, 19833 liters of water, 4.5 trees. It will cost you between $ 2,500 and $ 3,500, impressive.

If you make the choice of disposable diapers, it will take about 24 to cleanliness, 0kg of oil, 9829 liters of water and 10kg of fiber. It will only cost you about $ 750.

Not to mention that disposable diapers will put between 200 and 500 to decompose. So if I tell you that, in addition, we have some very beautiful ones made here in Quebec and that some municipalities, like Repentigny for example, offer subsidies to parents who opt for disposable diapers.

You are ready for a zero waste turn :-)