3D Cocktail Raspberry and Green Tea

Sku: 21706

3D Cocktail Raspberry and Green Tea

Sku: 21706
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An unexpected match

Who would have thought that raspberry and green tea would also go well When is a raspberry more than just a raspberry? 

Who needs a mixologist? Just use our “raspberry” to create your next amazing cocktail! When it dissolves, you will be ready to serve yourself or your happy guests an extra-special cocktail with raspberry and green tea, as beautiful as it is tasty! 

Vegan-gluten-free peanut-free 3D printing

So easy to do:

1.put product into 1oz (30ml) of gin.

2.Add the Tiki.

3.Add 3oz (90ml) of sparkling water. Enjoy with ice cubes!

 Ingredients:Sugars (sugar, maltodextrin), Raspberry Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Carrot and Blackcurrant Concentrate, Monk Fruit Extract.