Around the Bottle “Entre sacoches”

Sku: 16889

Around the Bottle “Entre sacoches”

Sku: 16889
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You have a girls’ dinner planned soon?

Good news, we have a brand new game to suggest to you, namely Around a Bottle “Between Chicks”.

You’ll see, your girls’ meetups will never be the same!

Opportunities to play

  • Dinner Party
  • 5@7
  • Brunch
  • Bachelorette party
  • Chalet

The game box contains

  • The instructions
  • 60 pucks (questions/challenges) divided into five categories
    • Let’s Get Crazy
    • Spill the Tea
    • Can’t Even
    • The Quickie!
    • Guess my Style

An easy game to play

  • Randomly place the cards, hidden questions, around a bottle of your choice (wine, beer, spirits, kombucha, etc.).
  • Answer the questions and the winner puts the puck around his glass.
  • Collect as many pucks as possible.
  • No preparation required.
  • Number of players: 3 or more.
  • 18 years +

It’s time to have some fun. Who will be the queen of the evening?