Croque “Ma Petite Dee”

Sku: 27807

Croque “Ma Petite Dee”

Sku: 27807
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Plush with pouch

Description & nbsp;:

The “Croque Soucis” is not a simple stuffed toy. It is designed to embrace the worries of toddlers. They can write or draw what they are worried about, and as soon as their worries are crunched, they magically disappear


It's also a small pillow that's perfect for naps. Offer toddlers the comfort and magic of “Croque Soucis”. Order today and let it bring sweetness to their lives!

The “Croque Soucis” is a fictional creation designed to stimulate the imagination of toddlers and has no magical powers in real life.


  • 28cm x 18cm


  • 100% polyester