Spice pencils refill Balsamic fig

Sku: 24556

Spice pencils refill Balsamic fig

Sku: 24556

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Balsamic Fig

The spice pencils are handcrafted by hand in a Montreal workshop located on Saint-Patrick Street opposite the Lachine Canal. Pencils in custom molds. After cooling, the Pencils are unmolded and then put into a tube within the workshop.

Spice pencils are 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free.

They are composed of 3 main types of ingredients: pure ingredients: natural juices-essential oils-natural flavours-pure & eacute; es and natural pulps, this is what gives their intense and delicious taste.

Cider vinegar and salt. For a shelf life of 9 months and completely natural since there is no preservative.

From agar-agar, a vegetable gelatin extracted from seaweed. It is a natural and vegan stabilizing and thickening agent that allows you to obtain the texture.

How it works: Sharpen your Spice Pencils in finish on your dishes, desserts or cocktail when serving. 

How many chips: 5 to 10 chips per plate. 1 to 2 chips per bite or on one cocktail.1 Pencil weighs 18 g = 120 chips. It is used for 3 meals of 4 people.

Duration and preservation:Spice Pencils are kept for 9 months. 

Once opened, keep them in the refrigerator tightly closed.

Use:If you liked the Raspberry & Balsamic Pencil, this one will seduce you just as much. This delicate fig taste will perfectly accompany white meats, salads and cheese platters.

Ingredients: Fig puree, apple cider vinegar, fig balsamic vinegar, salt, Agar-agar, water, natural fig flavor, gluten-free tamari, salt, locust bean gum.Contains: Soybeans

* The pencil in refill does not contain a sharpener.